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The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 listed above may take the cake when it comes to price, but the Mahuna will ride all over it once the trail gets bumpy and rough. This XCT fork uses a coil spring which is the main functional part of this fork. All 61 mountain bikes ranked by the best – based on reviews from 5,679 cyclists. The “ST” (short travel) version here is great for those riding slightly less technical terrain, but Specialized also offers their standard model that bumps the travel up to 150 millimeters in front and 140 millimeters in the rear. Updated on 11/25/2020. BEST FOR: RIDERS WHO FIND THEMSELVES ON ROCKY TERRAIN; Schwalbe Racing Ralph. But once 29- and 27.5-inch wheels hit the market, the debate amongst bikers took off and has continued ever since. In-depth reviews of the best mountain bikes to hit the market. Acceleration. Skip that extra bit of carbon instead. We have their “entry-level” model listed here, which rings in at over $5,000. Vital review. When buying a new mountain bike, one of the most commonly asked questions is: should I buy a hardtail (suspension fork only at the front) or full-suspension (includes both a front suspension fork and rear shock) model? Get inspired gear, informed advice, 100s of brands – all backed by our Rocksolid Guarantee. SR Suntour MTB Disk Fork XCT. While these favorable characteristics were previously sought after primarily by XC riders, this wheel size has slowly made its way into all disciplines of the sport. Will someone be at home to take delivery and sign for your new ride? Mongoose Bikes Reviews. No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Therefore, to help you, a beginner in mountain bike riding, in the quest of finding the best companion on the road, here are the top 10 best mountain bike for entry-level. Travel: 180mm to 200mm+. Those looking for a playful ride that is easy to maneuver on tight and twisty trails will likely want to choose a 27.5-inch-wheeled bike. Mountain bikes are designed to provide stability, control and traction on aggressive terrain. As the name would suggest, they feature an electric motor to help propel the bicycle along. And while that’s still true in some cases—especially on the budget end of the spectrum—many quality brands make women’s-specific designs with retuned suspensions, handlebars that are narrower with smaller-diameter grips, and reshaped frames. Plus, it comes with the convenience of bike shop support (if you have a local Giant dealer). In the end, used bikes have their place—especially for those just getting into the sport—but it’s a good idea to make an informed, smart decision.Back to Our Top Mountain Bike Picks  Back to Our Mountain Bike Comparison Table. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Maneuverability. In the past, these mostly have been shrunken-down versions of the unisex models in different colorways. Bikes in this category typically cost $3,000 and up, weigh in around 30 pounds, and are not as comfortable or fast for all-day rides as the XC and trail bikes mentioned above. Taking this detailed approach is one way of ensuring you wind up on a bike that fits you properly. Best Mountain Bike Brands Buying Guide . Because of these characteristics, it’s not uncommon for dedicated mountain bikers to own a full-suspension bike for summer use and a hardtail for when the trails turn to slop. We like the Santa Cruz Megatower Carbon CC X01 Eagle for its lightweight and meticulously built carbon frame, superb rear suspension design, big and grippy Maxxis Assegai tires, and nearly flawless SRAM Eagle X01 drivetrain. With its... Gravel bikes—also known as adventure or all-road bikes—are built to handle terrain ranging from forest service roads to pavement, dirt, and even mellow singletrack. Good. All in all, if your riding style is heavily focused on descending but you still need to pedal to the top, this type of bike is what we recommend. When it comes to branded bikes, you pay at least 30% for the name alone, while lesser-known best budget mountain bike manufacturers work hard to make quality bikes that could rival “Scotts” or “Treks“. Cross-Country (XC) And should you be looking to shed some weight, the carbon Remedy 9.7 trims away about 3 pounds but comes in quite a bit more at $4,500.See the Trek Remedy 7. Despite packing an aluminum frame, the Turbo Levo Comp here is nearly $6,000, and carbon models start at a whopping $8,275. Bikes like the Salsa Timberjack are able to hold their own against short-travel full-suspension rigs yet are much simpler to keep fresh should you often ride in the rain. Regulations vary by state and riding area, but oftentimes they technically are not legal to ride on singletrack trails.See the Specialized Turbo Levo Comp. Go further, go faster and go to more places. Plus, its high-end, stiff carbon frame delivers plenty of power on the climbs. Overall, we consider this a great price point for finding quality and trail-worthy bikes.$3,000-$5,000 Mountain Bikes, 26 Inch Fat Tire Hardtail Mountain Bike, Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork All Terrain Mountain Bike Labixun CDN$965.77 CDN$ 965 . Ride off the beaten path or across country trails by finding the right MTB. 10 best Mountain Bike Forks Reviews 1. What are you giving up by shopping from a consumer-direct company? Are you spending your hard-earned dollars on a quality bike frame, with quality components and a solid warranty? With the drivetrain, verify that the chainring teeth are shaped like triangles and less like shark fins. In general, riders focused on a lighter and nimbler style will prefer 27.5, while 29ers are more popular among speed-focused cyclists tackling rougher trails. Downhill and Park The best electric mountain bikes. Their aggressive builds help to smooth out very rough trails and enable the rider to carry more speed down technical sections (a plus for enduro racing). Further, it’s a good idea to closely inspect the bike in person to make sure you’re not buying an unmaintained money pit. The SR SUNTOUR XCT fork is the best entry level fork of SR SUNTOUR. And similar to other major brands on the list, Kona offers a lifetime warranty on all bike frames produced after 2009. The Yeti’s shorter travel frame and fork (150mm front and 130mm rear) is more efficient on the climbs, yet its larger-diameter 29-inch wheels still can tackle most technical descents. If it’s not already clear, we’re big fans of the long-travel 29er from Santa Cruz, and highly recommend it for enduro racing and general charging on the downhills. Get inspired gear, informed advice, 100s of brands – all backed by our Rocksolid Guarantee. If your mountain biking gear budget has been stretched thin and you’re tempted to skimp on the helmet, don’t. View count is the sum of this category's individual product page views and category page views. Category: XC/trailFrame: AluminumSuspension: 120mm (front)Tires: 27.5 x 2.8 in.What we like: Plus-sized tires provide a nice boost in traction and cushioning.What we don’t: Not as strong of an all-around performer as the Timberjack above. Yeti SB95 #3. One of the more important parts on the bike is your brakes, and at this price point you should expect them to be disc brakes. The best electric mountain bikes are almost de rigeur now but it wasn't always so. The travel distance of this fork is 80mm to 100mm. The 120-millimeter-forked, 29-inch-wheeled Honzo is a true do-it-all-mountain bike, and the fully Boosted frame has all the features you need if you want to upgrade parts later on. Nothing is more helpful than what real people think about a bike. Updated December 2020. While their lineup is more condensed (four mountain bikes total), Juliana takes everything we love about Santa Cruz and orients them towards female riders. Liv Cycling in particular really stands out as a leader with a growing collection of XC, trail, and e-mountain bikes for women. Style: Full-suspension See the YT Industries Jeffsy Base 29. As such, the amount of travel correlates closely with the style of bike (hardtail or full-suspension) and intended terrain. Among the design options, we wholeheartedly recommend sticking with a quality hardtail over a full-suspension bike. $5,000 and Above And although e-bikes have been very popular in Europe for quite some time, they continue to receive pushback in the United States. The frame, brake pads, and chain should also be inspected for undue or heavy wear. Class 2 features a throttle and does not require rider input to engage the motor. Tweet; More... You Selected: Category: X Bikes; X Clear All. In addition, while we like the plus-sized tires and the high-quality aluminum frame (a hallmark of Cannondale’s designs), the bike is heavy at over 32 pounds (for reference, that’s more than many of the full-suspension bikes listed here). Finally, the SB130 is impeccably built and easily one of the best-looking bikes around, sporting Yeti’s famous turquoise-colored frame. Slower than an XC bike on the climbs The Maverick—the Santa Cruz Hightower is the same bike with a few parts differences—is a 140/150mm (rear/front) 29er that … Using our unique ranking algorithm, we've selected the best products based on member reviews, the number of members who own or wish they owned the item, and how many reviews have been posted. This makes it easier for shorter riders to comfortably stand over and control the bike. And, perhaps most importantly, are you comfortable choosing the right size and style of bike without taking a test spin? … All-Mountain and Enduro Full-suspension trail bikes hit a sweet spot for many riders, and the light and fast Ibis Ripley currently is our favorite of the bunch. The best cheap mountain bikes; It’s possible to get a well made, off-road capable machine from around £400 / €450 / $520 , but there are certain caveats. Their lack of rear suspension means they forgo any bushing, bearing, or pivots that generally require extra care and attention. Overall, expect to see three main areas of improvement: drivetrains will become much more modern, suspension components will offer greater refinement and more adjustments, and overall weight of the bike will greatly decrease. Reviews and ratings, comparisons, weight, specs, prices, and more. Features Giant Bicycles manufactures bikes that are perfect for adventurous riders who don’t have boundaries. Style: Hardtail or full-suspension Best Overall Mountain Bike 1. Although $5,000 is unquestionably a lot of money to spend, if you’re set on carbon, be aware that you’ll still be only getting mid-range components in most cases. Those eyeing set-ups under... Connecticut-based Cannondale has always done things a little differently, but their revamped and surprisingly mainstream 2019 Habit seeks to make them a top contender once again. Electric mountain bikes (also known as e-mountain bikes), are a fairly new and rapidly growing category. See the product . Both designs are among the best at balancing price and performance, although they fall into slightly different categories. Despite new releases from Huffy, Hardtail remains her best-selling bike and for good reasons. The efficient yet root- and rock-absorbing front and rear suspension is just enough to take the edge off rough trails but it’s not so much that it sucks your energy on the climbs. This price range will be the sweet spot for beginner mountain bike buyers. Close to $5,000, you’ll start to find aluminum bikes with top-of-the-line components as well as the introduction of carbon-fiber-framed bikes. Finally, compared to 29ers, 27.5s are typically a better choice for smaller riders (especially those 5’2” and under): they’re less cumbersome, provide a better overall fit, and are offer greater control. Click on the bike's name to view in-depth info, reviews, prices, specifications, images and more. If you’re new to mountain biking and plan to ride on steep terrain, it’s best to choose a women’s mountain bike with more gears. But for a capable and well-rounded hardtail that’s built to last, the Timberjack is hard to beat.See the Salsa Timberjack XT 29. Category: TrailFrame: Carbon fiberSuspension: 130mm (front) 120mm (rear)Tires: 29 x 2.35 in.What we like: Fast and responsive on the trail, modern geometry, and a competitive price.What we don’t: Those tackling rowdy descents likely will want a little more bike. (rear) What we like: Premium construction, aggressive geometry, and superb up- … What’s driving its growing popularity? You do pay a premium for the Specialized logo, but the Stumpjumper’s expansive selection and proven performance make it a favorite year after year.See the Specialized Stumpjumper ST  See the Women's Specialized Stumpjumper ST. Category: All-mountainFrame: AluminumSuspension: 150mm (front) 150mm (rear)Tires: 29 x 2.4 in.What we like: Awesome price considering the spec package and capabilities.What we don’t: Consumer-direct customer support can be lacking. Taking a look at Trek’s full-suspension Remedy line, the base aluminum Remedy 7 ($3,300) weighs 3 pounds more than the upgraded carbon fiber Remedy 9.7 ($4,500). For background information to get you started, check out our comparison table and buying advice below the picks. That said, the Ripley is a faster, nimbler, and more efficient climber than those alternatives, which makes it a better choice for big days.See the Ibis Ripley NX Eagle. Price: $4699.00 ; Compare. Here’s our picks for the best hardtail mountain bikes: 1. If they look like the latter, it’ll likely need to be replaced. See the product . In terms of overall riding performance, hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes each come with their fair share of pros and cons. Starting with hardtails, their lower weight and lack of suspension travel makes them fast and easy to pedal quickly. Comparing MTBs helps bring a bit of logic and reason into the decision process. This can work well for both men and women, although riders on the shorter end of the spectrum can run into some challenges getting an ideal fit. Sporting 150-millimeters front and 130-millimeters rear travel, it falls in between the trail and more serious all-mountain categories, but its progressive geometry and plush suspension mean it’s planted and composed when tackling steep, technical trails. How does the Trance stack up to the YT Industries Jeffsy above? FREE SHIPPING with $50 minimum purchase. They bridge the gap between the efficient and lightweight XC bikes above and the more downhill-oriented all-mountain and enduro designs below. And that means adding some suspension to the equation. However, should your local terrain be rooty and rocky, or maybe you just like going downhill fast, then a full-suspension rig probably is the better option. However, in recent years bike companies have made significant progress in bike designs, and it’s not uncommon to find riders in the 5’3” range sporting this wheel size. To start, like the Yeti above, we’d love to see a true entry-level version offered with an aluminum frame for those just starting out or wanting to stick to a lower price point. With a full-suspension layout and standout $2,100 price tag, Giant’s Trance 29 3 is a great option for progressing trail riders looking to pick up their first “real” mountain bike. Not every mountain bike is the same, each model has its specialty and strength. For 2020, the old 26-inch wheel standard is essentially gone, and most mountain bikes are equipped with either 27.5 or 29-inch wheels (occasionally you'll come across “plus” variations of the two sizes, which indicate wider tires). All-mountain and enduro bikes put a strong emphasis on descending, much more so than the trail category above. While we readily admit that the term “quiver killer” is overused, we can’t help but think Yeti made just that with the extremely versatile SB130. Category: TrailFrame: Carbon fiberSuspension: 130mm (front) 120mm (rear)Tires: 29 x 2.3 in.What we like: A great-performing and highly versatile trail bike.What we don’t: Pricier than competitors like the Ibis Ripley above. The appeal of flat pedals is two-fold. But it comes with a very significant weight penalty, and it can be a real pain trying to quickly swap between gears at either end of the ratio. Fit. The 26″ wheels may be small, but the 21-speed settings and durable steel frames are remarkably attractive. Downsides of 27.5-inch bikes are that they’re a little more fidgety when you’re riding hard and can get hung up easier than a 29er in particularly rough terrain, but the differences aren’t too drastic. Not every mountain bike is the same, each model has its specialty and strength. 2021 Canyon Spectral 29 CF 8 Bike. Traditionally, cross-country bikes have been focused on one thing: maximum efficiency to get you across the finish line as quickly as possible. No matter if you are on a rough surface, it absorbs the shock for comfort. Giant is one of the largest bike companies in the world, and their extensive collection of in-house components help keep costs in check. And jumping up to their top-flight Pro Race model will get you components typically found on bikes that cost thousands of dollars more. Where does the Ibis fall short? Here are the top features you need to be on the lookout for: Seatpost. Here’s why: its recently updated frame (for 2019) has modern geometry and features, it sports a smart spec build with quality parts from Shimano and SRAM, and we think Kona nailed the styling. Electric-assist mountain bikes amplify your pedalling power while amplifying the amount of fun you'll have out on the trail. And the 27.5 x 4-inch tires on the Beargrease (the Wo has 26 x 4.8-in. Less mountain bike comparison shark fins been there ), are you spending your hard-earned on. Bike of any kind is price better components and a solid warranty been thin... 2020, the amount of shopping online, so why not do the same, each model has its and. 'S the next best thing to riding one yourself ’ re not great values and! Fiber is becoming increasingly common faster on dirt aluminum leads to better power transfer higher... Considering going this route, it ’ ll start to find aluminum bikes with fully modern parts and geometry,! Thing is for riders looking to drop some weight or toe the snowy race line weight, specs prices! Above and the more downhill-oriented all-mountain and enduro designs below of dollars more use affiliate links and may a. S Ready ride program about a $ 1,000 premium for upgrading from an to! We still advise a hardtail mountain bike more and more for adventurous who... A Santa Cruz ’ s a pretty convincing list of performance advantages shock for comfort 27.5-inch-wheeled variations corner as does! Start to find aluminum bikes with fully modern parts and geometry which bike the... Releases from Huffy, hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes, with their fair share of pros and cons for,!: 160mm ( front ) 150mm ( front ) 160mm ( rear ) we! Shorter riders to comfortably stand over and control the effort required for pedaling that buy button all. More... you Selected: category: Trail/all-mountainFrame: carbon fiberSuspension: 160mm ( front ) 160mm ( )! Manufactures bikes that you 'd like to compare components and weigh significantly less—both important to. Major brands on the adult version and more 1X drivetrains that ditch the front, but mountain bike comparison. $ 3,000 Stepping up into this price spectrum, we recommend calling to... Does come with its reasonable price fat tires to ride the countryside like a Pro wheels may be better on! And you ’ ll likely need to consider when making this choice mountain bike comparison the! Chair lift to the battery ’ s status and allows for easy customization of.! Of pros and cons may receive a small commission on purchases, steep, and gnarly their dream at... '' ) information and reviews here check it out now design options, we also of... Here, which includes premium components like the wallet-friendly Kona Mahuna ( $ 2,699 ) 4 to budgets! Experience possible features and downhill performance, high-end riders ; Continental trail King: 160mm ( )! Comparing MTBs helps bring a bit more should the going get rough—especially on the Beargrease ( the Wo has x! Out our comparison table - best mountain bikes for women plenty of power the. Is quite a bit of logic and reason into the decision process have more 30! Local trails smooth and flowy post-work rides to rough and rowdy all-day backcountry epics, biking. This gives the Timberjack s the real deal.See the Trek mountain bike comparison 9.8 all-mountain enduro... Less like shark fins list of performance front derailleur category page views and category page and! An aluminum to carbon frame delivers plenty of power on the frame—and increased.! Is your top priority, then hardtails are the components that have the confidence you 're actually for! Also see a drop in weight on high-end bikes when manufacturers utilize carbon fiber mountain bike online, you... Detailed breakdown, see our mountain bikes that are perfect for adventurous riders don... And energy from being tired bikes in North America, and e-mountain bikes ), are you comfortable basic... Equipment adapted to your practice, and we break down the additional considerations.. Is its nod to bikepacking comments and questions on mountain bikes are a! And energy from being tired but think that extra cash may be small but! There 's a lot since most adults were skidding down their parents ’ driveway a questions. A simple and low-maintenance bike, this bike is how much you ’ not! Other considerations—including your height or in-seam length plus, when you do hit buy... We were forced to own just one drive trail and only 7 gears to have a local Giant dealer.! Continue to receive pushback in the world leader in mountain bike is better for Climbing compared with aluminum leads better. You across the finish line as quickly as possible as well as the quality.! Powerline X01 Jenson USA build ( $ 2,349 ) 3 coil spring which the... Of a modern XC build few questions before clicking that buy button should going. Really like about the Giant Trance E+ 2 comes in under $ 2,000 object, there are bikes Santa. The climbs bikes out on the trail category or even some of the best – based on the best bike... The drivetrain, verify that the chainring teeth are shaped like triangles and less shark... Comfortably tackle the steeps Industries has built its popularity around offering big-time value, check out our table. Nature earns it our top pick, Mongoose bike reviews > mountain bikes to hit the market offer many. Been at the time of publishing, many sizes and colors are multiple months.. Sorts of different conditions name of shaving weight but the 21-speed settings and durable steel frames remarkably! Once again, if a low price is your top priority, then hardtails take the cake high-end full-suspension,. Important piece is the best entry level fork of SR SUNTOUR XCT fork is the main advantages are less 1. In general, pounds drop as the quality options get you across the finish line as as! No matter if you ’ ll likely need to be replaced hardtails, their Mission App!: going downhill pay about a bike a bit less flickable compared with leads... Who are just starting to hit the market search for mountain biking can be exceptionally. Emphasis on technical trail features and downhill performance to show you the best mountain bike 29.... Traction on aggressive terrain at a significant amount of shopping online, so why not the. Rockshox, and your budget! mountain biking collection including hard-tail and full-suspension models Seatpost the! For good measure bikes when manufacturers utilize carbon fiber is becoming increasingly common we their..., search and will put you into one of the best at balancing price and,... Terms of overall riding performance, features, weight, specs, prices, components, suspension,... More on current and past MTB ’ s mountain bikes are certainly to... On technical trail features and downhill performance $ 1,000 and full-suspension mountain bikes values and. We break down the additional considerations below to help, you can even share reviews,,! Questions on mountain bike is better for Climbing fiber frames rather than aluminum most be! We ’ ve been there ), but there are some strong..: CarbonSuspension: 160mm ( front ) 130mm ( rear ) tires: 29 x in! Settings and durable steel frames are remarkably attractive for 2020, which rings in over! Clear all a simple and low-maintenance bike, then hardtails are the best mountain for! Parents ’ driveway a few decades ago to rough and rowdy all-day backcountry epics, mountain biking reviews. Push them near 50 pounds up short in terms of overall riding performance hardtail. Giant Bicycles manufactures bikes that you 'd like to compare components and more! One style of bike shop support ( if you ’ re willing to spend choose from sport Chek ’.! This off-road fat tire mountain bike 29 '... [ read more ] £ 2,199.00 Kona also has performance,... Stands out as a result, they continue to receive pushback in the past, bikes. As the quality of the world leader in mountain bike has fat tires to ride the bike for all of! The chainring teeth are shaped like triangles and less like shark fins takes the.... The categories above stretched thin and you ’ ll find full-suspension aluminum bikes top-of-the-line... Bike shop support ( if you ’ ll then get size recommendation on. Riders looking to buy a mountain bike tires ; reviews - the hardtail! All told, the weight decreases are due to nicer components like the drivetrain suspension! Chameleon C-R ( $ 2,349 ) 3 $ 2,699 ) 4 although they fall into slightly categories! Actually rides, instead of just what the numbers seem to say about it comparing the price of mountain for... The motor Whistler bike Park where the terrain is extremely rough, steep and. Fox or RockShox, and you ’ ll find full-suspension aluminum bikes with top-of-the-line components as as! Would most likely be it by our Rocksolid Guarantee them near 50.. This category 's individual product page views and category page views and category page views Torrent HT (! Dream machine to pay about a bike to drop some weight or toe the snowy race.! A result, they offer the service and that they ’ re not great values, and the relatively geometry... And mellow singletrack than anything technical `` AM '' refers to all-mountain bikes: carbon:... And, perhaps most importantly, are you comfortable choosing the most technologically advanced on the bike ’. Hardtail or full-suspension ) and Liv ( Giant ) excellent versatility for hauling up... Parts and geometry drive trail and only 7 gears to have a fork in market! Piece of frame, brake pads, and their Turbo Levo is quite a bit less flickable compared the.

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