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EDMONTON -- Ryan Epp started a Facebook group in early April to find some new camping buddies and meet some new friends. The plan deliberately avoids private land… It is business as usual in the land use sectors.”. This subreddit is for the discussion of Canadian firearms ownership, shooting sports, safety of firearms, Gun Clubs, Firearms groups, advocacy, and the Canadian political effects. The government says it is committed to “sustainable development that protects the environment while encouraging economic growth.” The Framework’s details will be established through public consultation. AWA believes that it is paramount for public lands management in Alberta to have a high degree of accountability and transparency on behalf of the provincial government to help instill confidence in Albertans that conserving public lands in their natural state within the public realm for generations to come is of the upmost importance. The public is concerned about access to private land for recreational purposes, and landowners are concerned about allowing free public access to their lands under grazing lease. AWA member Reg Ernst writes in response to grazing concerns that “grazing systems can be used to enhance wildlife habitat, but this requires intensive management and may exceed the resources available to most managers. • Improve the organization, funding, and staffing of government agencies responsible for conservation; providing adequate finances and staff, even in periods of economic stringency - Jordan, Edmonton . The Alberta government announces that it will be looking for public input in developing a provincial Land-Use Framework in the coming months. • Strengthen legislation concerning protected areas to provide permanent status and secure their objectives against compromise A short Government of Alberta news release, October 19, 2011, announces: “Government canceled the RFP after people expressed concerns that there was no public input into using a Request for Proposals and that there might be an impact on water and on the ranching community.”. Provincial protected areas are managed under one of the following pieces of legislation: the Provincial Parks Act, the Wilmore Wilderness Park Act, or the Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Area and Heritage Rangelands Act. © 1965 - 2020, Alberta Wilderness Association. These zones are areas of public land to which legislative controls are applied. November 2013 The Government of Alberta undergoes public consultation for Phase 2 of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP). (1) the extent and location of public parks, (2) problems associated with recreational uses of private land, and. Public land should be managed with the goal of retaining the current base of public land in perpetuity. AWA releases an itemized list of actions that the government needs to take before AWA will participate in Special Places 2000 committees: 1995 AWA launches a public campaign opposing the secretive ‘Potatogate’ land sale, and in an unprecedented outpouring of public opposition, hundreds of Albertans write to the Minister of Sustainable Resource Development to protest the proposed deal. The Alberta government is looking to auction off a small patch of native prairie to be plowed under despite recent promisesthat no Crown land would be put up for sale. Many land-use activities on public lands, such as natural resource development, require a government granted disposition or permit that stipulates conditions under which proponents may extract resources for economic gain. “The province of Alberta … The report maps, and recommends protection for, Conservation Priority Areas totaling 44,075 km2 (or 47%) of the 93,225 km2 area of the Lower Athabasca Plan area. All are ignored. As I recall, when it comes to grazing leases, a farmer can only deny you access if their livestock is currently occupying the land, if they are on another parcel, they can't deny you. • Manage according to an ecosystem-based model that prioritizes ecological needs primary and permits other uses only if they are compatible with ecological outcomes. The Fish and Wildlife division had recommended “against the sale of this land due to its high value for species at risk and wildlife, and high ecological value as a large contiguous block of native grassland, a relatively limited resource.” Similarly, a report from SRD’s Rangeland division emphasized “the land is not surplus to our needs as it is currently being used for grazing and recreation. Very nice off grid log cabin on a secluded, private and quiet 153 acres of land bordering approximately 100 acres of crown land which overlooks the North Saskatchewan River, near Edmonton, Canada. It is an attempt made by environmental organizations and industry to come together to find common ground surrounding the challenges presented by the Special Places 2000 initiative. August 2012 The groups threaten to request public hearings should the government ignore their request and proceed with this sale. In contrast, the White Area is quite populated, encompassing Alberta’s large population centres within central and southern Alberta, in addition to most of the reach of the Peace River. The long‐term interest of all Albertans is best served by retaining public lands as a trust held by government for conservation purposes.

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