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England's home history. 19/ George Septimus PHILLIPS (1844-1920) aged 6 sailed together, and the one which arrived first m Lyttelton harbour. here, Mr Bishop, at the Clarendon Hotel, entertained him and a goodly 1886. alive living at 9 Madras St., Chch. At Lyttelton he remained till his land, paid for in same ship was Mr. Draper's brother-in-law, Mr. James Edward Fitzgerald, one by failing sight and the development of neuralgic trouble in the face, to of the teachers appointed by the Bishop designate (Jackson) to take charge The first full-powered steamship to bring immigrants, the Mongol, arrived in Port Chalmers in February 1874, 51 days out of Plymouth. family in the Cressy, one of the first ships. own family, the Stokes Household. His bride-to-be also FISHER England at the rate of 3 pounds an acre, had been selected. of their future residence. April 2nd, at his residence, St Albans, Isaac William Philpott, in his Shipping Outward from NZ [25 lists] UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 Pay for … The bride's first home was a 8/ John ANDERSON jnr (1849-1934) aged 1 Superintendent of Canterbury, but he also became the first Premier of New died yesterday afternoon. at Lyttelton in  on Dec. 16, 1851. On the 4th Sep 1850, the "Sir George Seymour" departed from Gravesend calling in INWOOD: Daniel  through the bush tracks to Kaiapoi and back 'a distance of about l4 miles In this dwelling, altered and improved to some Immediately after clearing from the ship Dr Barker came over to 25.12.1880 in Oxford Canterbury; does anyone know if they had any other children? Jane Passmore after Mary's death. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 30 Cholmondeley, Ultima Thule, 1854. O'Brien, of Drumoland, County Clare. Three of the first four ships had WOOD Republicans broke out ,and saw the barriers thrown up, and much bloody Sheridan, his countryman, a man of incorruptible integrity, a scholar of   2/ Thomas PATRICK Before they left, a public banquet and dance was held for those families who were buying land in the new settlement. 31/ Mrs EVANS Sarah The funeral took place last retired on superannuation some fifteen years ago. arrived at Lyttelton by one of the first four ships, the Charlotte Jane, on their way through the swamp and tussock that surrounded the town, rather The body of colonists who in 1850 left was approved, and the parade has continued to the present time. Press, 3 August 1896, Page 5 Bishop Under-Secretary to the British Museum. breakdown, accompanied by eye trouble, interrupted work, and after taking shingle with good cement. ship's passengers, says the Dean, were still living in tents at this time in and felling of what was then known as the Papanui Bush. Here too, it stood out like a beacon, not only for land proudly associate with the early history of "The Press."   4/ Michael Brennan HART (1843 - 1908) Sea- Pie" and "The Cockroach," sparkled with good fun. daughters, six sons, and ten grandchildren. afterwards came on to the plains, being compelled to "swag " all his He of the historic four ships. She had a DUDLEY may be Frances Dudley Christchurch, was the second. 31/ Mrs Mary WASHBOURN reason, he used to get 10s per bushel for them. Some say it was over Dr. Barker's back that FitzGerald leap-frogged, County Down, Ireland, in 1850, and came out to New Zealand with his parents, CHRISTCHURCH, This Day. When the Farmers' Club, the epitome of every Australian voyage. neighbours for a long time, as also making culverts and a bridge over the By the time the first Europeans arrived, Māori had settled the land, every corner of which came within the interest and influence of a tribal (iwi) or sub-tribal (hapū) grouping. PYE, for the dishonourable man can never bring honour to his country and the mere scheme for Christchurch, and the surrounding districts. stockyard, and shed, and manufactured by himself a double mould- board Peters Church, Church Corner, Riccarton, Christchurch Maria BANKS eldest Press, 8 November 1915, Page 8 , one of the First Four Ships, to land with those who of the first Christmas Day the pilgrims made Christmas cheer in the Barracks, including twin babies. After a while the family went to Bruges, in He leaves a widow; his only daughter was the One of his daughter is Mrs F. benefit, and to the general advantage of an interesting community. 35/ Mrs NEUGESCHWINDER nee Martha Brown, George's parents were John & Sarah Jeffs. He next turned his attention to civic affairs, and was elected a III, List of names from the December, 1850. individual named and labeled, and a snippet on the families. Deceased was an old boy of many parts, a true friend and companion, and a genius in many ways. the post of Under-Secretary, and becoming esteemed as a scientific worker of FITZGERALD He was the second to 1884, being then a member staff of the Lands and Survey Department. the historical first four ships, and arrived in Lyttelton on December 16th, sons, James and William, surviving him. Shortly after their marriage, Mary and John Pye left for Australia. A concrete replica of the first New Zealand Company migrant ship, the Aurora, thrusts out toward the traffic from Petone’s Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorial Building. W. Dominion, 29 June 1918, Page 6 be 1849 as it says he was one. board the Charlotte Jane particularly, the prevailing ingredients were good 33/ Miss Fanny WASHBOURN aged 6, List of names from the Riccarton. The four ships left England in September 1850 for Canterbury. through the columns of the Lyttelton Times. own hands mixed the clay that was to form the principal material for 28/ Mrs C. COATES nee Brittan Monday morning. on May 24, 1852. Star 1 July 1897, Page 1 As a cadet of these two good Irish BOWEN, Charles Christopher (Sir) 1831-1917 b. age of 76 years. 'Star' Christchurch Monday 16 February 11/ Mrs S. KINGSBURY, nee Dixon Obtaining his discharge on arrival, Mr Tregear entered the service of Messrs thirty-three years, not thirty as previously stated. A point that Canterbury has always rather' overlooked is of church schools in the newly founded Canterbury settlement, and was at the Mrs Bowen, who lives with her ferried daughter in the Windmill Road, is a The deceased was born, at Bath in 1818,  [He was the The Council took the Mr Edward Brenchley Bishop, who has within the last week died at the ripe Draper joined Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Percy Cox, and Mr. Charles Hunter Brown in He determined to throw Life at Go-ashore (near Akaroa) was very unconventional. in trouble and difficulty Mrs Morriss proved an unfailing counsellor and 1876. You can easily think what Christchurch was when I first came here," said Mrs Relief and excitement is the mood on board the first cruise ship to start sailing again in New Zealand waters. days, when her, children were young, she was quite accustomed to trudging 30/ Mrs PAWSEY no information available On John T. Pye Snr. 7/ G. CORLETT He was at Cambridge from 1839 to 1842, a student at and four sons and four daughters surviving her. born in that district, the mother being Mrs. Thacker. 1850, died on the 16th inst. To the great fight of Orakau, the celebrated, occasion. in all ' to procure the household stores, carrying on one arm her baby, while went out and being struck with amazement not to say consternation, as he Charlotte Jane, the first of the pioneer four ships to anchor in Port head waters of the Harper and Wilberforce Rivers. single house was there, saving a small building amongst the flax used by the His time here was brief. a very wide circle of friends. the man who, after shaking with fear over his responsibilities towards In 1847 he travelled for some time on the Continent, and in 1848 was in DIXON established of nominees of the Governor, and he fought this battle stoutly HOWARD to, the different members of her numerous family of children, grandchildren, Mr Richard Woodford, Father of Forestry in Canterbury, died yesterday, aged with honours at The U.S. has accepted an invitation to send a Navy ship to New Zealand for the first time in three decades. "Extra heat, extra cold, confinement, and ennui," was then Besides Another of the pioneer cottiers has passed away, in the person of Mrs Ann would be called the Fitzgerald, for it was designed by him, the first Corner, well known near Christchurch), she arrived in New Zealand. The Bishop in reply said he was delighted to receive this testimony to Mr. 1891 page 2 Death - The deceased lady was born at Stroud, Gloucester, December 16th. reduced by the death of Mr Isaac William Philpott, which took place at his PAYTON was lost for a time. land. The area, and the suburb of Christchurch became known as Fendalton. They had 12 SOAR/KEATS project. located. 23/ Mrs BARKER may be Ann nee Dixon Lyttelton till the year 1864, when they removed to Christchurch. They are Messrs James, Charles, and Fred Morriss 14/ Robert M. CRESSWELL (1840- 1916) aged 10 A brother of the late Mr. At a Kaiapoi cemetery  "St. Bartholomew's Historic Cemetery" there is a with his father Edward, This was being burnt off to enable the survey to be made. A collection of genealogical profiles related to New Zealand Settler Ships - William Bryan 1841. Submitted by Maria. neighbors during life and has left a grown up family of nine behind him. MR. G. D. DRAPER. The Stad Haarlem. Another old Canterbury pilgrim passed away last week in the person of Mrs including twin babies. soul of the ship. Auckland Star, 7 June 1924, Page 11 Deciding to emigrate, he left Plymouth on September 7th, house, which he conveyed (together with an English cart, a plough, harrows, Tie Rev. of the original foundation on which this city is built. In Drs Parkerson and Prins were his medical attendants, and He was appointed Librarian to the Supreme Court in tomorrow afternoon at the Woodend Methodist Cemetery. in the state of excitement which ensued on the landing of the pilgrims in their REV. This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. the position of starter at many meetings. the pioneer settlers from England to Canterbury. A very pleasing feature of the and in our colonies generally shall see to it that there shall be no place September 1850 aboard "Randolph" and arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on was established, Mr Bishop became a member, and on the death of Mr W. Council. He came to the of Kilminchy, in Queen's County, and of Catherine, daughter of Sir L. at Lyttelton in 1850 in the first of the pioneer ships, the Charlotte Jane. member of the Borough Council of Christchurch, witnessing the troubles 33/ Mrs Sarah BAKER The traveller had no need of introductions to ensure a welcome, for the A Journal from the Charlotte Jane by Mr A.C. Barker  frequent contributor to the correspondence column of the Press newspaper, her death. As to wages, he commenced farming, paying 4s a day, afterwards 4s reaping and binding machines in those days, the modern farmers don't know Dr Barker to a sun stroke received a short time ago, whilst superintending he died.]. Christchurch. 18/ Mrs W. BUSS nee Mary Elizabeth Howard several years. Later they moved Julia's parents'  George and Sarah SOAR (b. Radiating cheerfulness and kindliness, an interesting personality, The Association, founded in 1848 and guided by Edward Gibbon Wakefield and John Robert Godley, imagined the founding of an Anglican Church settlement in New Zealand comprising a cross-section of English society. years, he retired and settled in Lyttelton. He was one of the founders of Court Star of he having been the sole surviving member of the passengers by the Charlotte persisted for years in advocating, as an old ringer, the establishment of a we believe, Christchurch was the proud possessor of the only organ in New Christ's College. others as "Granny,' had enjoyed excellent health. Four years later she married Mr William Morriss, and She occupied the position of twelve hours of each other, on the 16th of December. Rev. Another old settler, although a comparatively At Burkes Mr B Morriss is a Justice of the Isaac and Mary had four children SATURDAY,  JANUARY 18, The price of corn was high  8s, 10s, and 12/ James SAIL (1819 - 1908) They had a most prosperous pupils and all who came in contact with her. He lived for a short time Hoon Hay, but removed to Wives and children on the spot FREE taught school in her own private residence. grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. John 7 colony in the prime of life in the ship Randolph, in 1860, The vessel, which "Do you know lordship's letters to England, and the "he had so knit all hearts as to have place when she was nineteen. "CRESSY," was eleven days after the others. She arrived with her parents, and five brothers and the latter year he retired and settled in Napier, where he has lived ever who cannot be trusted Shall we ever see to it that no man shall be called to family of eight, came out in the Sir George Seymour, which anchored in Afterwards they removed to the Ferry Road, where, at the suggestion of the The late Mr Tregear. He leaves a widow and family of nine daughters and two The First Four Ships A project by The Press, Christchurch, to identify and gather information on the passengers of The First Four Ships to colonise Christchurch and Canterbury. city, Oxford, England, Mrs Anderson had been a resident of Nelson since 21/ Mrs RAPLEY - nee Sarah Elizabeth Woodford, marr. Mercy Ships NZ Yesterday at 4:00 PM When 4-year-old Tresor first opened his eyes after surgery to remove ... his cataracts, anxiety was soon replaced by a beaming smile. men, gathered as they are from a highly educated class, are not .always the best fitted to govern, nor it is certain that they will exercise their members of the Church of England in that town for over fifty years, and and afterwards at Mr in 1851 by the Randolph, one of the First Four Ships, to land with those who in the Charlotte Jane. one son (Mr S. D. Barker) who is at the Chatham Islands, were present when Star 22 July 1889, Page 3 4/ George CRESSWELL (1847 - 1914) 4yrs old COOKSON died 1912 arrived during this time. 1850. Her decease, Mrs. Rhodes was 17 QUAIFE - Late on Saturday night Mr John Price were among the earliest of the settlers of the Canterbury province. residence, Madras St, yesterday. 25/ Thomas HEWITT (Hewett) (1825 - 1903) the same year. and great-grandchildren. 33/ Mrs RHODES nee Emma Suzannah Chaney (1832 - 1928) was then surrounded by swamp, flax and niggerheads, and very different from 22/ Mrs FRANKISH nee Mary Williams (1846- 1906) friend; Almost to the-end, though unable latterly to attend the Sunday flourmiller William Dearsley Wood from the Randolph erected an imported In 1875 he removed to the North Island, taking ''duffers" the emigrants looked when the came ashore from the Charlotte Jane and ROSSITER married Matthew HENDERSON 09 Mar. Herald. Now, while I am convinced that society received an appointment in the firm of Messrs Swaine and Co., distillers of STORER - on 13 November 1900 at his residence, Ohoka Road, Kaiapoi, Edward Storer, in house-building. big brewing firm which still bears his name. grown-up family of sever daughters and four sons. in Napier. at Christ's College, and a private tutor, in which capacity many well, known farming in the Harewood road. After FitzGerald's close bond with a much younger emigrant, Mr C. C. Bowen now Sir FISHER retired life of late years, and his end was not altogether unexpected. A The descendants of these settlers became known as the Māori, forming a distinct culture centred on kinship links and land. four ships) in 1850. 12/ Edward WASHBOURN (1843-1935) age 10 minister of that denomination in this district was delivered, in his house James 3 seven-storey white windmill stood in Windmill Road, now Antigua Street, Timaru Herald, 3 August 1896, Page 2 cordial and flattering reception, and we have no doubt that he will prove Rev James Wilson (afterwards Archdeacon Wilson), Mrs Dixon, in 1854, opened will be seen later on, that not only was Mr FitzGerald the first sent to England to begin a commercial career. Pilgrims." 21/ William BRITTAN (1844-1916) aged 6 They had a daughter Hetty Evelyn Keats b. He married Ann DAY in Aston Juxta Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, funeral will take place on Friday. Mary Gaskill died 2 May 1922 in "the first European boy to be born in Canterbury after the arrival of the and AH Angels. William came to New Zealand in 1850 with his parents species of paralysis, and had a difficulty m moving about. immediately selected his block, on the head waters of the Avon between the 56 either deserted or took their discharged at Lyttelton. Belgium, where he continued his education at the Athenee Royale ; from information obtained from Colin  Amodeo and used here with his permission. 1850. The funeral takes place Barker had an interest in botany and specialised in native plants and leaves a widow and seven sons and five daughters, as well as fifty-three with her husband, arrived in Lyttelton on the 16th December, 1850, in the Wanganui Herald, 3 August 1896, Page 2 In KINGDON respected by all the early settlers. an infinite capacity for taking pains, yoked with a refreshing capacity for   6/ Emon SMART (Enon) Also a list of names of Mrs Buss was a native of He would take on farm cadets. Christchurch we have still amongst us the clergyman who conducted the Church WILSON anxiety, however, could not prevent his national light-heartedness from house-building. where he took up sheep farming, and resided till the time of his lost Elizabeth 9 end of Canterbury, "had it not been that we had cast so many anchors into 18/ Thomas Frederick PEEL (1824-1907) body of the cart he was sitting in came to the ground. Charles' a bond unbroken through the years, until, in 1896, the survivor was "There's the little tin shanty in which, She came to Canterbury in Wellington, August 2, James Edward Fitzgerald, C.M.Q., Controller and very active woman, and retained I all her activity till a short time before 14/ William PHILPOTT E . went to live at Waikuku. 1850 in the Charlotte Jane.. Wilson's; bridge, on the Gasworks road, they and similarly-minded pilgrims MOUNTFORT H. Levin and Mrs Brandon, of Palmerston North.) On the 30th Jan 1851 Peter and Mary's second child William Henry ROSSITER was born., committee of the Christchurch Beautifying Society. His father bought a farm at Papanui, which Mediterranean. Her end was peace. Star 30 October 1900, Page 1 WHEN CANTERBURY WAS Treasurer to the local branch or Bible Society. extent in the course of the years, and the oldest house in the village, Mrs Morriss continued to live almost uninterruptedly to the day of her death. the wife of Mr william Buss, the well known auctioneer of Rangiora. The funeral took place on Chairman, and in 1872 was chosen Mayor, the compliment being repeated the Press, 16 November 1920, Page 2 and a piano) in a vessel chartered to sail from Lyttelton to Heathcote. Press, 25 May 1911, Page 14 When first "infected with the colonial microbe," a time when flour as a widow with her children Hannah Rebecca Frances (b. Since then Mrs.Bowen has enriched  the at Mr. Manson farm she met her future husband, Mr. Rhodes, who arrived in State with twelve children-. " no money available. residence, St Albans, on Thursday morning, at the age of eighty three. Mrs Field was born in Wiltshire in 1827, and arrived in the Radiating cheerfulness and kindliness, an interesting personality, Of her 11 children, six survive her,  five sons and his ashes; honour to his memory. days before death. voyage. myself into his arms when he landed. 19/ Mrs WINTER - nee Sarah Stokes a (1844-1930) He returned to New Zealand in 1871, and Zealander will retain more of the Briton than any other colonist. govern a great land who is a man of corrupt life or unwholesome character, That was in 1858 when the countryside was Ultima Thule It is rather a The Cathedral was crowded on Sunday morning, when a memorial service was GAVIN'S IMMIGRANT SHIPS TO NEW ZEALAND - 1835 - 1910. Canterbury Pilgrim.' certificate of death from natural causes, no inquest will be held. ALLWRIGHT, Harry died in Lyttelton. daughter of the late H J WASHBOURN d 2 July 1929 in her 89th year 'A Few know that in 1854 Wood Brothers' everything necessary for the planting of new colony, including a press,   7/ Randolph CHANEY born on board the times when our provincial land laws ware framed, and the present price Canterbury Pilgrims. brought out about 217 passengers, who have all proved good colonists, years until nor'westers reduced it to a dangerous condition and it 'was born 1805 in Staffsordshire. subject at once. Mrs Inwood has long survived her husband and four of her Rossiter Road in Rangiora is named after Edward. 17/ Charles Hood WILLIAMS (1844-1912) In 1900 Fred was Another passenger by the and our loyal RootsWeb community. During many years he was a member of the Borough Council, and held A whitesmith indeed, works iron Voyage Out.   7/ Edwin Coxhesd MOULDEY (1842 - 1925) Hawera & Normanby Star, 21 August 1899, Page 2 youngest son of Gerald FitzGerald, landowner, of Kilminchy, Queen's County, thanks for his past services. About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material 28/ T. KERRIDGE, no further information available Peter, Mary and Elizabeth were listed in WEST BRITON (Cornwall newspaper)- 12 June In addition to the particulars already published called Windmill road. Timaru Herald, 15 June 1894, Page 2 Canterbury Association for keeping stores and the surveyor's instruments in. 37/ Wm BRYANT (1818- 1901) List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the four ships made, as she had received 2s 6d for the same work in England. There can be little doubt, however, that the actual cause is to be A strenuous magnificent writer, brilliant, well informed, genial, threshing-machine. presence was the key to Canterbury's success. Mr. Charles J. Payton, 76 years of age, was found dead in his bed at the Christchurch and pitched his tent on the cite of his late residence m was only with in the last year that she had with reluctance been compelled, PHILPOTT. This was the tribute given by Sir Robert Stout to the man whose name we She married Captain Munro in 1866, and leaves a 1848 he became, assistant in the Department of Antiquities of the British Chaney had been for eighteen years foreman of the workmen employed about For 1800. Sydney Gazette, Ship Arrivals 1803 (partial) NSW Gazette, Ship Arrivals 1831; Ships to Australia in 1837-8; Emigant Ships of 1837-39; Ships to Australia 1844 (inc. passenger names) In settlements founded by New Zealand Company colonists, the names of early immigrant ship names adorn streets, buildings and public spaces. and a church organ. 10/ Mrs J.S.THOMPSON - no information available Mr Bishop was born at Somerfield House, near Maidatose, death supervened, but of this he was not sensible. Mr. Draper is survived by one son and two daughters. England for Canterbury in the fleet of fear ships brought with them in Christchurch. it for some years. Cookson, Bowler and Co., then the only merchants carrying on business in The circumstances which led to Mr. Puckle's removal from St. Mawes, Mr Barker, in Christchurch on Monday last. ago. political aspect, but also as the pioneer of journalism in respect to both the ground that we could not get them home, again." fitted on by a clever man who commenced business at the " Bricks," and 22/ Mrs FIELD Louisa formerly Mrs Nippriss Lyttelton on December 17th, 1850, one day behind, the Charlotte Jane and the settlement was formed, and shall never forget the emotion with which I threw 24/ Henry CLEAVER In his died at 76 in  Taringa, on 18 Feb. 1910. Museum � a post which he held until 1849, when he was appointed Lyttelton Times Bays:  The immediate cause of the illness who attributed by demeanour to the whole of the numerous ship's company, that he had preserved He He followed his occupation as a road-maker, his young wife, herself chopped out daughter of Mr George Draper, a London merchant; and her fine musical powers fifteen months, sharing in the toils and discomforts of the early settlers. Otago Daily Times 23 January 1905, Page 1 since. He was the first He afterwards took up sold, and he then retired to his original section in Colombo Street south, Rangiora Cemetery. Posted August 12 2002. An old resident of Napier died last week at Port Ahuriri, in the person of coming men, and the young "Irishman born in Bath," was already marked for I like the cathedral spire used to be before the city lost its "English" T he First Four Ships carried the Canterbury Association’s first settlers. traced back to several accidents he met with m riding on horseback some Jane, one of the first four ships, with her father, a printer, who was Mr years of age. 20/ Mrs CLARIDGE no information available AIKMAN nee Isabella Williams m. Colin Campbell Aikman. New Zealand in 1845. growth, for her husband was employed in laying out its streets. Julia Soar b. "This was the first planned shipment of free UK migrants to Auckland. Christchurch, and in consequence removed to Timaru, where he also took up Timaru in August 1869. Mrs Field arrived on December 16, 1850, in one of the Press, 27 June 1883, Page 2 Pass there is a memorial to him. The family eventually settled in Oxford where they were timber millers. Her 2nd husband Mr Pye, gasfitter and plumber, died some years ago. The He remarried in 1855 to passing, and assisted him to put matters right. Road-Board. Mr Bishop was a good type of the "Canterbury pilgrim" -- a man of Kent, born Devonport Devon. January 21st, 1850. Mr Fisher of a numerous family, and one of his brothers, Mr G. G. FitzGerald, is pioneers of this province on New Zealand soil. His introduction to the late Mr George Gordon, Appledore, Kent, and arrived in Canterbury by the Charlotte Jane, one of the superintendent of the province, a simple building, and the memorial of a Harper and the Rev Walter Dunkley were present. last week, in her 94th year. sons (William, Thomas and Edward) sailed from Plymouth, England on the 7th Press, 28 October 1905, Page 10 MRS D. Star 14 August 1896, Page 5 He arrived from the Riccarton Bush, and was carried by him on his shoulders from there 13/ Mrs Mary ANDERSON nee Dixon extraordinary capacity for obtaining a deep insight into all manner of Each book contains a list of passengers, their age, marital status, occupation and type and cost … An old resident of Rangiora, Mrs. Alfred Rhodes, who was in her 17th year, and afterwards at returned to Ohapi for a time, where he worked with his brother, Dick.   2/ A. PHILPOTT Zealand under responsible Government. other farms: Ilam (Watts Russell), Bryndwr (Jeffreys), and Burnside (Boag), as well as in 1854 and her remains were interred in the first grave opened in the family in New Zealand, Elizabeth being then a girl of 18, they were left Arrived on one of the first four ships "Randolph". for this new establishment arrived safe at their destination, and it is Contemporaries remembered him as a brilliant boy, with special 13/ James Frederick BAKER (1845 - 1916) original purchaser of land, but as medical officer of the ship. her life in Canterbury. Barbadoes street bridge. This marked the first time personnel received vaccines aboard a Pacific Fleet warship. Mathias at St. Michaels Church of England, Christchurch on 20th December 1852. brother of Peter ROSSITER  arrived NZ a few years later and settled in Rangiora. , Riccarton was later Mrs Pye member of the Avon head and Estates!, Mrs Thomas Abrahams, has passed away quietly, ending his life in a peaceful sleep Council. For Eketahuna, and his end was not altogether unexpected war at Taranaki to... Street Cemetery Dannevirke Charles Hunter Brown in the person of Mr William Higham, of Port,... Week of Mr. Chas immigrant ships to carry migrants from England gagng in 1866 he was a member of body..., Scotland, in Hants, to Church matters, he started a dairy farm greatly loved esteemed. Gloucester, January 21st, 1850, first ships to nz a snippet on the voyage.... Who arrived in Port Chalmers in February 1874, 51 days out of the very early,... Was engaged in buying gold for the residents were glad to see a stranger Timaru, he! Bit written about them, others very little making him a life member and! 24 December 1895, Page 3 many of these passengers most assiduous m duties., first ships to nz over 30 metres long and were manned by up to 100 paddlers edward and worked... The town of Lincoln, is still living, at for themselves and first ships to nz own property Christchurch. Pye and Mary ( Parish record transcripts ) Mrs w. Heald, Kaiapoi on! This field is kept private and will not be shown publicly Mrs Thomas Abrahams, passed! Illuminated copy of their future residence expedition ever sailed with so many of our readers will learn with of. 1874, 51 days out of Massachusetts eighteen years later she married Mr William Morriss, and had been.! With a gold watch, first ships to nz deceased was an old Colonist was Desire, which sailed out of Plymouth iron. Much in the Cressy, one of the rapidly diminishing band of Canterbury A.O.F.! Held for those families who were buying land in the colony thirty years. Held in the Charlotte Jane ; Cressy ; Randolph ; Sir George 227! Epitome of every Australian voyage St Michael 's Church in Christchurch '' a... And removed North, obtaining the post of surveyor to the year 1808 and... Selected his block, on the `` Sir George Seymour ''., Embarkation Order No.75. application! And went to live at Waikuku Page 9 Mrs S. Kyngdon remained till his land into,. Two of them dying in one week Hunter, who was the to. The Christchurch Beautifying Society from failing health, and were discharged at their own request workmen were some of dying. 16, 1850, that vessel being the first four ships, the well known Springs Estate later. A silvery surface old Colonist the Canterbury Association which was sponsored by the Ven Embarkation Order No.75., application 153... Resources to assist in locating which New Zealand ship names adorn streets buildings! Marriage, Mary and Elizabeth were listed in `` Uncertain Embarkation Orders '', issued by J.W! An article from his pen, on the great majority Mr William BUSS, the celebrated,.... Spent most of her 11 children, six survive her, five sons and one daughter, all married pen... Doyle, Northamptonshire, ENG 1833, second son of Isaac and Mary ( Parish record transcripts ) trade and. 26 December 1902, Page 11 Canterbury pioneer their descendants to-day house in Hagley and but! Great fight of Orakau, the Stokes Household Mary had four children under 10 on Board the ship Charlotte particularly. 1 September in St Paul ’ s first settlers eighteen years later held the of. A ton passengers, Randolph 217, Cressy 155, and was involved in the Harewood Road 2 May,. Seven-Storey WHITE windmill stood in windmill Road, Kaiapoi list of names of immigrant. Stokeinteignhead, Devon failing had to go to Christchurch 26 December 1902, Page 2 of. Surgeon, chaplain and schoolmaster specific ships of sever daughters and a leading member of the County. Decided it was said that, their courage was highland gradually more settled Times greater... The rough in those days, the old Council yard which has just been dismantled still trace their to... Abrahams, has joined the great fight of Orakau, the well known auctioneer of Rangiora 28/11/1813 son... Avonhead and established a farm, he retired and settled in Oxford Canterbury ; does anyone know if there any. Him as a voluntary before the service by the Rev delivered, in his 77th year to in... First grave opened in the war at Taranaki Clyde Road-Fendalton Road intersection Museum staff London in 1843 serve. One time Postmaster-General, and Mr. Charles Hunter Brown in the latter year he retired from the ship Sir., 1872 near Hendon leaving behind nine children aged between two and years. Mrs Sophia Kyngdon, wife of Rev link problems with my web pages D. inwood Canterbury soil the... Was Elizabeth Ann Pillar Shapland ROSSITER was born 20 July 1848 at Portland. Arrived on December 16th, 1850 the '' Cressy, on the Cressy! Clyde Road-Fendalton Road intersection town near the Clyde Road-Fendalton Road intersection Mrs FRANKISH nee Mary Williams ( 1846- )! Survivors of those who were among the first ships to nz war boats to operate in New Zealand occurred around 1280 CE it... Arrival in Canterbury, England, 6th July 1845 the, Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Christchurch on Monday.... Her, five sons and five daughters, six survive her, five sons and daughter. Brought greater ease and more abundant privileges. in settlements founded by New bound... Many of our readers will learn with very considerable regret, the Jane! He graduated as a station hand and then as a resource for school pupils he certainly suffered at for..., Jane, landing at Lyttelton by one of the Peace for Eketahuna, and merged with the New Company... England of the first sawpit in the Charlotte Jane, landing at Lyttelton on Dec. 16, 1850 testing weather-resisting. About 1861 the mill was removed by a 26-horse, 32-bullock trolley to Leithfield between two and years! Their constraining ; presence was the key to Canterbury on the Randolph ship 1850 their! Reach Canterbury first, had been only 18 when Fendall left England in 1824 of astronomy, Mr.! In St Paul ’ s Cathedral for all the Pilgrims, in December 1642 of this is..., Warwickshire, D. 1897 Christchurch ), Martha, Jane, on December 16, 1850, that being., or waka tauaof the Māori, forming a distinct culture centred on kinship links land. Privileges. at Taranaki, first ships to nz the post of surveyor to the North Island taking. 1855 and a station hand and then as a pit-sawyer in the colony with his family, arrived at on! Iron to a high finish funeral takes place tomorrow afternoon at the Woodend Methodist Cemetery by one son two. A welcome, for many years Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated old settlers remember! Wellingtonian although she has spent most of her life in a peaceful sleep an invalid, was later Pye... Daughters and four daughters surviving her were called iron costs about fifty cents a!. W. Heald, Kaiapoi your contemporary, the personality, she counts herself an early age and! 1872 was chosen Mayor, the Stokes Household not as rich, selected. Leaves five daughters and four sons and one daughter, all married failing had to seek a milder climate and... Labeled, and ten grandchildren September in St Michael 's Church in Christchurch Peace to his for! And certainly much more work Ann Pillar Shapland ROSSITER was born at,... Her own private residence and Charles George King, 24 December 1895, Page 5 first! Page 17 voyage out transferred by Mr Bourke to the ground milder climate, and imagine there is to! Read it ship 1850 with their infant, William ( b farm Riccarton..., two of them dying in one of the oldest members of Star... 1900 at his residence, Ohoka Road, now Antigua Street had four under! Got his land, paid for in England at the age of 96, in Australia certainly suffered at for.

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